FAQ Page

Riding is a sport that combines balance, fitness, mental strength and bonding with a horse or Pony. Different people have different learning curves so it’s really difficult to say exactly how long any particular person will take. Still, on average a beginner needs roughly 5 to 10 lessons to learn how to control a horse in a trot and an additional 15 to 20 lessons to learn to canter in a safe and controlled manner.

We choose suitable horses/ponies for riders based on an assessment of their riding abilities as well as taking into consideration a personal preference (i.e a quiet pony, or something more forward going). If a particular partnership doesn’t work out then we will try a different horse/pony until the rider is happy with their new mount.

Yes we welcome all levels of rider, young and not so young. We specialise in providing safe and suitable horses to make your first riding experience a fun and positive one. By learning to ride at Hampton Lodge you could find this to be the perfect introduction to a new hobby or more seriously a new sport or a lifelong passion!

Not for your first couple of lessons. We have a good selection of riding hats that you can borrow for your first few lessons. Once you are sure you or your child wish to take up riding regularly we recommend that your first purchase would be a correctly fitting riding hat to the current BSI standard. These range in price and style and come in a variety of colours. A good safe first hat should be around €70 to €100 with more specialised hats costing up to €500.

If you have not ridden before, or at least for sometime, you should please note the following clothing and gear requirements for riding at Hampton Lodge Equestrian Centre.

Hats must comply to the current B.S.I standard (BSEN 1384/PAS015) they must be worn at all times when mounted. They must be correctly fitted and fastened when worn. We have hats you can use if you are just visiting the area or have just taken up riding. If you have a riding hat, bring it along and ask your instructor to check it for current standards.

Riding boots or Jodhpur boots ideally should be worn, however; any closed toe flat shoe or boot with a smooth sole and a small heel would be acceptable. Trainers or open toed shoes are not acceptable or safe, so please don’t turn up in them expecting to ride. They are unsafe.

Leggings or trousers that offer freedom of movement while protecting your leg from the pinching of the stirrup leathers. Jeans can be worn but these have been known to cause friction and as a result discomfort. Legs must be covered at all times i.e no shorts or skirts.

Clothing should be suitable for the weather conditions. A long-sleeved shirt, a properly fastened jacket that is not flapping or a sweatshirt without a hood, are recommended. Hoodies can be dangerous and should not be worn while riding. Body protectors must be worn for all cross-country or cross country type jumping and are recommended for any lesson involving any jumping.

We strongly recommend that riding gloves are worn whenever riding.

We strongly recommend that no jewellery at all be worn whilst riding or handling horses. The only exceptions should be the wearing of a neat well fitted wedding ring that is unlikely to catch or snag. If it is likely to catch or snag we advise removing it while riding. It is also generally accepted to wear a well fitted wrist watch which again should be of a type that will not catch or snag. Ultimately it is the riders or the parents or guardians of the rider who must accept the responsibility for being dressed correctly in accordance with the above suggestions and recommendations before riding.

We do not recommend the carrying of a mobile phone in your Jodphur pockets, if you were to fall off it could get broken or damaged or cause an injury to you. Many riding jackets have special pockets where your phone can be carried safely and securely. If you have any questions regarding what to wear, please contact us before arriving.

Yes. We sell vouchers to any value which then can be used against any of the services here at Hampton Lodge.